Hydropower, Irrigation, Road & Bridge Design

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Hydropower, Irrigation, Road & Bridge Design

With over 90% of the country's total electricity generation capacity generated by hydropower plants, Nepal is heavily dependent on hydro resources to meet its energy demands. Hydropower plays a particularly important role in Nepal's economic future because of the scale if its potential. It is estimated that Nepal has the economically viable potential to put in place over 40,000 megawatts (MW) of hydro generation capacity. If such potential is realized, it could easily meet Nepal's suppressed demand and create a surplus that could be exported to neighboring countries in South Asia. However, the lack of access to reliable, grid-supplied electricity is a key constraint to economic growth and an obstacle to reducing poverty. Developing sustainable hydro generation will enable Nepal to balance its supply deficit in the dry season with the revenues made through exports during the wet season, when river flows are high.

Agriculture accounts for nearly two-thirds of the gross domestic product of Nepal. Thus, irrigation is important to sustaining the country's economy. While irrigation has been practiced for decades, there is considerable need both to expand the currently irrigated area and to improve the efficiency of existing services. There is no question that for the future economic development of an agrarian country like Nepal, irrigation development and management must play an important role.

Roadways and bridges are the cornerstone of our nation's infrastructure-enabling trade, powering businesses, spurring economic growth, and getting people connected. We approach roads with a universal view - understanding that every project is different with various requirements and diverse challenges. We understand that rural roads present unique challenges with environmental impact, sustainability and earthworks, while urban roads present further and more complex challenges with physical constraints, existing utilities and constructability.

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