Earthquake Resisting House Design

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Earthquake Resisting House Design

Nepal has been under threats from natural calamities since a long time. The biggest problem that Nepal face is about the safety of their homes. Many people have lost their homes in the devastating earthquake. Also, many homes have undergone severe damage and people are rebuilding and reconstructing their homes. Whether you are building a new home in the city or rebuilding the old one, there are certain constructive details that need to be followed so that a resistant and reliable building can be constructed. These buildings should be earthquake-resistant and also be resistant to natural calamities in a big way.

Some of the priority points which should be kept in mind while designing and constructing a house, which will be resistant to earthquakes are listed below:

  • The quality of the soil is important
  • Foundation matters
  • Height of the structure
  • Distribution of load and symmetry
  • Structural design
  • Quality of building materials
  • Authorizations and procedures
  • Maintenance post construction
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